Weather and Bus Cancellation


            Please note that the school will always remain open on inclement weather days.


                Individual bus drivers are responsible for canceling their runs on cold or inclement weather days.


                Busses will not run should the temperature reach -40 degrees or the windchill reach -45 degrees.  The school will remain open.


                Busses will not be sent home early in inclement weather situations.  They may be cancelled at 2:00 p.m. Should this occur, parents will be notified, and your children will be sent to their billets.  If the billets are not available, they will be taken care of at the school.


                As a guideline, utility interruptions of more than two hours may result in an early closure of the school.  Common sense will prevail.  More than likely, school will not open if there is a planned utility outage of more than two hours, but school will remain open once it starts