Technological Literacy

Our school is well equipped in terms of information and industrial  technology.   We have approximately one computer for every two students in our school. In addition we have a smart board, video editor, scanning and faxing copiers and a distance learning classroom. Each classroom also has access to a multimedia cart and video projector.  Students also have access to digital cameras and video making equipment.  

Our industrial arts shop is equipped for woodworking, welding (Oxy-Acetylene, SMAW, and GMAW), and power mechanics. We also offer modules in electronics.

By the end of grade twelve, students can expect to be competent in the following areas of technological literacy:

-  distance education

-  using distance education course delivery platforms

-  working in a networked environment 

-  using e-mail and social media for educational purposes

-  keyboarding

-  video editing

-  sound editing

-  multimedia production

-  web page development

-  woodworking and basic construction

-  basic welding

-  small engine repair

-  basic cooking and kitchen techniques

-  basic sewing