Student Suspension Checklist:


Suspensions are done by the principal but subject to section 154 of the Education Act.


I will refer to this checklist when considering a possible suspension:

1.       Allow a student to give his/her side of the story and listen to it.

2.       Investigate further if warranted.

3.       Decide whether to suspend and, if so, for how long.


A.      If the suspension is for three school days or less:


-          immediately report decision and circumstances to the Director

-          report decision and circumstances to parents

-          make notation in student’s file


B.      If the suspension is for more than three days up to and including 10 school days:

1.       Immediately:


-          inform student of reason

-          report to the Director

-          notify parent of decision and circumstances

2.       As soon as possible:


-          prepare a written report of the circumstances and give it to the parent, Director, and student file

-          grant a hearing to student and parent upon request


One Day Suspension

Five Day Suspension

Ten Day Suspension