Special Projects

In the province of Saskatchewan, students are able to take up to three high school credits known as Special Project Credits.  These can be an area of interest to a student equalling roughly one hundred hours of instruction.

At Vanguard Community School, we are encouraging students to make use of this option in each of their high school years.  For 2011-2012, students have chosen Special Project Credits in the following areas:

Publishing a Book -  Students will self-publish a book.  The book itself may be a cook book, family history book, book of poetry, or a publication of the student's own writing.

Coffee Shop -  For this project, students will run a small coffe shop in the school once per week.

Robotics -  Several students have opted for this project in which students assemble and program a kit robot.

Extended Science Fair -  In this project sudents are to conduct a scientific experiment that the course of an entire semester.

Musical Instrument   -  Students opting for this project will be able to choose a musical instrument and learn how to play it.

Blogging -  Students will set up and maintain their own blog website.

Fashion Queen - For ths project, students design and make their own article of clothing.

Film Production -  Students will produce a short film or documentary.

Learn a new sport -  Students can choose to learn a ne sport.

Theatre -  Students will write a script and perform a monologue.

Historical Research -  Students will research one aspect petaining to history and publish their research.

Building a computer -  Interested students can build their own personal computer.

Fitness King -  Students opting for this project can choose to design and implement a five month fitness program.

Teacher Aide -  Students can choose to help a teacher for one semester.

Special Project Outline Proposal for students wanting to complete a special project.