How do I buy stuff?


1.      If it is from a catalogue or is over $250.00.  You must fill in this Purchase Order and give it to the principal for approval.  (Provided the vendor accepts PO’s.)

2.      If it is from the Co-op, and is part of an academic program, then you must use the Purchase Order Book located in the office.

3.      If it is from the Co-op and is for a non-academic program (eg. Jr. Year-End Trip), the school’s Co-op order form must filled out and approved prior to you obtaining the items. A school cheque will then be used to pay the coop.

4.      Reminders:

                                                              i.      DO NOT send students to the Co-op to buy items without prior approval.  You will not be reimbursed.

                                                            ii.      DO NOT buy any items without principal approval first.  You will not be reimbursed.

                                        iii.  At the Co-op, you must have either a purchase order or school cheque in order purchase items.  If you do have either of these, you cannot purchase items for the school from the Co-op.