Lunch Breaks and Spares


1.       Lunch will be eaten in the designated rooms.

2.       No gym activity will be allowed until 12:20 unless it is under the supervision of a teacher.

3.       All students are expected to clean and wash their lunch areas.

4.       Five minutes prior to the 1:00 p.m. bell, gym activities are to stop and students are expected to get ready for class.

5.       When in groups, share the gym and try to keep activities in a limited area so there is room for everyone.

6.       Don't throw balls or articles eg. shooting pucks, across a crowded gym.

7.       Shooting or throwing an object at another individual’s head area is NEVER allowed.

8.       Be aware of activities that are in progress (for your personal safety) and respect others.

9.       Anything viewed as a safety concern will be stopped at the discretion of supervisor or teachers