How Do I Take a Field Trip?


1.      Fill in the Division’s School Trip Application Form.

2.      Complete the school’s field trip checklist.

3.      Complete the school’s emergency checklist.

4.      Fill in a School Trip Manifest.

5.      Complete a Parent Field Trip Permission form if the trip is outside school hours or is extracurricular in nature.

6.      Arrange transportation.  If you:

                                                              i.       Require a school bus driver and bus, consult the principal for booking.  Fill in the form for extracurricular/bus driver payment.

                                                            ii.      Are using parent drivers, please ensure that they have completed the manifest which records passengers and license plate numbers.

7.      Reminders:

                                                              i.      Criminal record searches are required if an individual assumes a SOLE supervisory role.  They are not required of an individual if a Chinook Employee is in charge of the trip.

                                                            ii.      All trips are approved by the principal.  Out of country trips require further approval.

                                                          iii.      ALL trips START AND END AT THE SCHOOL.


8.  If a trip is going outside of the division this notification must be sent to the Director.


9.  Are you using parent/volunteer drivers?  A driver authorization form must be on file.


10.  Are you travelling out of the country?  This form will be required.

11.  See also Parent Volunteers.

12.  If parents are driving keep track of the mileage on this form, as they will be able to claim a tax credit.