Driving (Students):


Driver off-campus class form


Passenger off-campus class form



1.  Students may drive themselves to school.  The school is not responsible for any inappropriate activity undertaken by students as they travel to and from school.


2.  Students can drive to CWE, PAA, Band, or off-campus classes and can also take a student passenger to these same events (if that student is also involved), provided that permission to drive to an off-campus class form is filled in.


3.  Students can drive themselves to extracurricular activities in the home school (Pambrun is included).  They can also transport another student to extracurricular activities AT THE HOME SCHOOL ONLY, provided PARENTAL permission is obtained for that other student.


4.  Students may be allowed to transport themselves to extracurricular activities away from the home school provided principal and parental permission is in place.  Students ARE NOT ALLOWED to transport another student to an extracurricular event away from the home school.  Students must ALWAYS return home THE SAME WAY THEY CAME OR WITH THEIR PARENTS.


5.  It has been noted that in some cases, driving is linked to poor attendance.  An updated letter will be sent home informing parents that student driving privileges (to school) may be revoked should attendance or lates become an issue.