Division Board policy indicates if there are problems or concerns about the school, please contact the Teacher involved first, then the Principal, and finally, the Director.


Parent-School Communication Process:


If you have any questions, concerns or ideas to share we suggest the following protocol:


***  Please note that following this protocol is essential.  Issues will not be resolved if proper steps are not followed.


REGARDING YOUR CHILD (Progress/Problems):


1st Contact your Child’s Teacher (582-2134)

Most of your concerns will be dealt with at the classroom level but if not, then


2nd Contact the Principal of the School - (Mr. Shwaga 582-2134)

Other appropriate staff might be involved at this level to deal with the issue, but if more needs to be done, then:


3rd Contact a Superintendent (Mrs. Jan Pogorzelec  778-9200)


REGARDING YOUR SCHOOL (Activities, Hours, Playground…):


1st Contact Your Principal (Mr. Shwaga)

who will pass concerns on to a Superintendent.


2nd Contact/Discuss with the School Community Council


3rd Contact the Board of Education




1st Contact your Principal

2nd Contact the Superintendent or appropriate administrator

3rd Contact the Director and/or Board

4th If related to The Education Act or Legislation, contact the

Minister of Education or your MLA