Computer Lab:


For booking please ensure that the lab is not being used, and book in the staff room (on the whiteboard) at least one day in advance. 

Usage Policy:


1. Users must use computers in a responsible, efficient, ethical and legal manner.

2.  Computers, E-mail, and the Internet may be revoked at any time for inappropriate use.

3.  Recreational use of the Internet and computers (games, browsing, music, Youtube) is allowed , but only during designated times (Teacher Discretion)

4.  School related use ALWAYS takes precedence over interest based use.

5.  Users can only access material appropriate for school.

6.  Students must be supervised; however, the responsibility for appropriate access of material lies with the students.

7.  Student access to email is allowed.


Unacceptable use includes but is not limited to:


1.  Sending or accessing inappropriate material.

2.  Providing personal information or exchanging passwords.

3.  Posting inappropriate information about a person or event.

4.  Violating copyright, privacy, plagiarism, or intellectual property laws.

5.  Damaging computer or IT systems in any way.

6.  E-commerce

7.  Shopping

8.  Downloading and installing music/software/video

Chinook's Acceptable Use Policy

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