Complaints (Parent):


From time to time complaints or questions from parents will be received at the school. It is not our responsibility to change the person making the complaint.  We do however, have an obligation to professionally reflect upon our own practices and make adjustments if necessary.


If I receive a complaint at the office and it can’t be resolved immediately, I will make sure that the parent has contacted the teacher/individual in question.  If the complaint surfaces again, I will try to use the following process:

1.       Listen

2.       Document

3.       Investigate


You can assist me in dealing with parent questions/complaints by being pro-active, giving me a “heads-up” if you think a complaint is coming, and documenting everything.  If you find yourself in a situation with an angry or irrational person, please refer them to me.  Contact with parents is the most proactive way of avoiding complaints.  If there is an incident at school, CALL HOME.  It is better if the parent hears your version first rather than their child's. 


*** Always, if marks are dropping or assignments are missing, call home and please let me know.  A report card should never be the first indication that there is a problem with a child.


Please document calls home and any other incidents involving students.  If there happens to be a violent incident, report it using this form.