Clothing and Student Dress Code


                Students should come to school dressed in clothes that are appropriate for a K-12 school environment.  While clothing is an individual choice, ALL people entering our building must be considerate of the fact that our school hosts children as young as four years of age.  Our dress code will be enforced to standards appropriate for an elementary educational institution.   


Students should have shoes that can be worn inside with another pair of boots for outside. 


Appropriate school dress:


-          does not create a disturbance

-          is not sexually explicit

-          is not pornographic

-          is not drug or alcohol related

-          does not contain obscenities

-          does not contain gang symbols

-          is not offensive or inflammatory to other groups or individuals

-          does not make others in school attendance uncomfortable

-          does not create a safety hazard

-          does not damage school property


The following dress code reflects the standards of our school community. We ask students to

respect these basic guidelines provided by Vanguard School:


                -   No underwear showing (shorts, bras, etc.)

                -   No midriff or back showing

                -   No cleavage (buttocks or chest)

                -   Hem of shorts/skirts must meet the bottom of fingertips at your side

                -   No logos/print that are disrespectful, vulgar, suggestive, or promote drug/alcohol use

                -   No Bare Feet

                -  No halter tops or swimwear


Students violating the dress code will be asked to change.