Attendance Policy


I.                 The Law:


According the to the Education Act regular attendance at school or regular attendance at an approved educational program is required of all school aged children.  Summary convictions resulting in a fine can occur for anyone in violation.


II.             School Expectations:


Unexplained absences or absences for no just cause shall be considered truancy EVEN if endorsed by a parent.  As a guideline, acceptable absences or absences NOT resulting in truancy fall under the following circumstances:


a)  Medical/Dental/Illness

b)  Family tragedies/emergencies

c)  Alternate education opportunities

d)  Inclement weather


It is simply not good practice for a student to miss extended periods of school with no pre-planned/ deliberate alternative.  It is also not good practice for students to miss school on days where irregular activities (such as presentations or field trips) are planned. 


III.            School Policy:


1.       Attendance will be taken every morning at 9.00 a.m. and every afternoon at 1.20 p.m.  (K-6)

2.       Attendance will be taken every block (7-12).

3.       Parents must notify the school by telephone or handwritten note if their student will be absent for any portion of the day.  You may also fill in the following form online

4.       If a student misses an exam because of an unexplained absence, credit for the exam will not be awarded.  The individual student will then have to appeal to have the exam reinstated.  The appeal process is a follows:


a)       The student obtains an appeal form from the individual teacher.

b)       The student completes the appeal form and has a parent sign the form.

c)       The student returns the appeal form to the classroom teacher.

d)       The classroom teacher and principal meet to determine if the appeal is successful.


6.       Definition of Absence/Skip (unexcused absence):


A skip is designated when a student is not in school and there has been no call in to a teacher or to the office staff by the parent.

Conditions:  Time Duration: Duration of the class skipped.

Applies to: Each class skipped (example: History 20)


1st skip: 


1)       Parents are notified.



2nd skip:


1)       Parents are notified.



3rd skip:


1)       Parents are notified.




4th skip:


                1)  The students’ attendance will be discussed at a staff  meeting (held every Monday).  At that time the impact of the lack of attendance on academic performance will be discussed and an appropriate course of action taken.  This may include:


-          Suspension

-          Cancellation of extracurricular activities

-          Alternative assessment plan

-          Referral to counseling

-          Attendance contract


7.  Students with over 95% attendance for the month and who have all assignments and exams complete will be eligible for Final Fridays.


8.  Daily Draws - All students in attendance for the entire school day will be entered into a daily draw in which they can win a prize.