Parents and Athletes:


                1.  From Grades 7-12, all students have the opportunity to participate on volleyball, curling, badminton, and track and field teams. 


                2.  Community coaches as well as VCS staff coaches are employed by our athletics program.  The scope of authority is similar.  All coaches can expect that students and parents will treat them with courtesy, respect, and fairness.


                3.  Uniforms are provided to students free of charge.  Destroyed or lost uniforms cost 30 dollars to replace.  Athletes will be billed if a uniform is destroyed for any reason other than its regular use.


                4.  Students having a driver’s license are allowed to transport themselves to athletic events at the home school only.  This includes Vanguard and the Millar Gym. The decision as to whether these students may transport other students to such school activities in the home school shall rest with the parents.


                5.  We want other schools to regard our teams with the highest respect, therefore, students/players are expected to act in a courteous and sportsmanlike manner at all times.  This means:


-          personal appearance must be neat and suitable to the occasion.

-          respectable hours should be kept prior to game/tournament day.

-          Students/athletes are expected to volunteer at athletic functions not only at home but while at other athletic events (eg. Officiating, clean-up)

-          Athletes are expected to be competitive.  This means athletes are to try their hardest, be positive and be supportive of the team and players at all times.  As an athlete, you owe this to your teammates as well as your competitors.

-          Accepting your role on a team.  Not everyone can or should have the same role.

-          As an athlete, you should treat an away facility BETTER than you would your own living room – No exceptions.


                6.  The use of drugs, tobacco, or alcohol cannot and will not be tolerated at any time during a school athletic function.  Immediate suspension from participating will occur.


                7.  The use of drugs, tobacco, or alcohol should not occur at all during an athletic season.  Our purpose after all is to promote athletics.  As a school, we ask parents to discuss this matter with your student athlete and support the school.


                8.  Athletes cannot be absent from school as a result of illness or injury and expect to participate in practices or games after school.  If you are too sick to be in school, you are too sick to participate.


                9.  ONLY coaches have a say in an athlete’s playing time or role on a team.  Generally speaking, playing time is more likely to be evenly distributed during league games.  Equal playing time cannot be expected during playoffs, regional tournaments, or provincials. 


-          Parents should not approach a coach during or immediately after a game.  Concerns can be taken up with a coach the next day.  If a parent approaches a coach during a game, the coach reserves the right to not play their son/daughter for the remainder of the game.

-          Only a captain should approach a coach during a game.  That is their purpose.



                10.  Practice and preparation are always more important than the game.  This must be the focus for all coaches, athletes and parents.