Accidents Resulting in Injury:


Accidents resulting in injury, which occur while at school, must be reported immediately to the principal.  The following procedure is to be followed:


1.  Report accident to principal.

2.  Administer First Aid until the most experienced First Aid respondent can be located.

3.  Fill in the accident reporting form.


For ALL injuries to the head ( a slight bump is not an injury):


1.  Parents are informed ASAP.

2.  A medical check is required if the child’s parents cannot be reached.

3.  All head injuries are treated as serious with immediate referral to medical authorities and notification of parents.

4.  If a student is sent home, a responsible person must be there to supervise, or they stay at school suoervised.

5.  Student accident reports will be kept on file at the school for one year.


If students are injured, there is an accident report form (on file) that needs to be filled out for insurance purposes.


Staff should document any injuries sustained while on the job.